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FibroScan® - The Consistent, Painless Approach to Liver Management


FibroScanFibroScan®, also called transient elastography, is an accurate, non-invasive, painless aid for managing patients with liver disease.


FibroScan® works by emitting a pulse of energy, which you may feel as a slight vibration on your skin. FibroScan® then measures the speed of this energy and immediately provides this information to your physician, who then uses it as part of a broader evaluation of your liver health.


Benefits of FibroScan®

  • Consistent results
  • Examined area is 100 times the size of a needle biopsy
  • Covered by most insurance plans
  • Procedure is painless and takes about ten minutes

Uses of FibroScan®

FibroScanFibroScan® is today’s latest technology for quickly and painlessly evaluating liver health. When performed as an overall evaluation, FibroScan® provides valuable information for health care providers that might otherwise only be available from a liver biopsy.


FibroScan® can help with the management of:

How FibroScan® Works

FibroScan® non-invasively measures the stiffness of your liver by capturing and calculating the speed of a shear wave as it travels through the liver. This detection of stiffness maybe used as an aid to clinical management of liver disease. During the scan, you will only feel a slight vibration on the skin at the tip of the probe.


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