Colonoscopy is a procedure that uses a long, flexible, narrow tube with a light and tiny camera on one end, called a colonoscope or scope, to look inside the rectum and entire colon. Colonoscopy can show irritated and swollen tissue, ulcers, and polyps.



A colonoscopy is performed to help determine the cause of:

Screening & Prevention

Colonoscopy is the most common method of screening for colon cancerThe American Cancer Society (ACS) recommends routine screenings for people 50 and over. Most colon cancers begin as polyps. Screening can detect polyps so they can be removed before they become cancerous. Regular screening and removal of any polyps found can reduce your risk of colorectal cancers by as much as 90%.

Procedure Prep

The course you take to prepare for your colonoscopy will depend on your gastroenterologist, but all patients should prepare to:

  • Arrange for a ride home, as driving is not allowed for 24 hours following the test.
  • Cleanse the bowel completely beforehand.

Your Northeast Digestive Health Center provider will provide written prep instructions prior to your procedure. Following all instructions is very important to ensure accurate results. See all colonoscopy prep instructions

Full Spectrum Endocopy

Our physicians can now see nearly twice as much of your colon thanks our recent investment in the latest advancement in endoscope technology. EndoChoice Fuse Full Spectrum Endoscopy gives a panoramic, 330-degree view of your colon, allowing physicians to more easily detect pre-cancerous polyps and growths. Learn More.




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