Northeast Digestive Health Center operates a comprehensive Hepatitis C treatment clinic. The treatment clinic is managed by our staff of Advanced Clinical Practitioners: Emily Beth Kendall, PA-C, Kelsey Trull, PA-C and Danielle Hecht, FNP-BC in collaboration with your gastroenterologist.


During initial visits to the Hepatitis C clinic you will learn about the Hepatitis C virus, routes of transmission, the most current treatments for Hepatitis C, and potential treatment options customized to your specific situation. Most patients with Hepatitis C are asymptomatic and have had the disease for up to 20 years prior to diagnosis. We perform an in-depth screening interview to determine your suitability for treatment. We will review your overall medical condition, the medications you are currently taking (please bring a comprehensive list of all medications prescribed, OTC and supplements to your visit), the condition of your liver, and your lifestyle to determine if or when treatment will be offered. Lastly, we will undertake a pre-treatment work up which may include x-rays, lab work, liver biopsy, eye exam, vaccinations against other types of Viral Hepatitis, a depression and fatigue evaluation. It may take up to 6-8 weeks for treatment to be approved once you are felt to be an appropriate candidate for therapy.


Once you have begun treatment, you are closely monitored with office visits, periodic lab testing, and treatment adjustments according to your response to therapy. Treatment time can run from 2-12 months in duration. For most patients success rates are greater than 90% and treatment is fairly well tolerated. The Hepatitis C treatment clinic is structured to support you and to ensure you successfully complete treatment and are cured of your Hepatitis C. You will need testing 12 weeks after you have completed treatment to determine if you have been cured and no longer have Hepatitis C.

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