Your surgeon may have a financial relationship with this facility. As a patient or guardian, you have the right to choose another facility. If you choose to do so, your Physician can recommend another Physician without financial ownership at Northeast Digestive Health Center. You may also choose to have your procedure at another facility where your Physician does not have financial ownership.


As owner members of Northeast Digestive Health Center, our Physicians are able to provide a strong influence on the quality, cost, and effectiveness of the services we provide to our patients.


Owner members include:


Dr. Mark D. Aldous

Dr. Alan W. Chiemprahba

Dr. Nirav P. Chiniwalla

Dr. Geanina Anghel

Dr. Sara Hawes

Dr. Matthew B. Myers

Dr. Vinay M. Patel

Dr. David F. Rhodes




Patient Portal

Northeast Digestive Health Center offers an interactive, secure online portal for patients. Convenient and easy to use, the patient portal lets you request appointments online, email physicians, view test results, update personal medical records and even complete paperwork before your first visit with us!