edwins success


Edwin, a Northeast Digestive patient who came into our office last year, was told that he had stage 3 advanced fibrosis of the liver, and was at risk for developing cirrhosis - a chronic scarring disease that causes poor liver function - from fatty liver disease. With the help of his medical practitioner at Northeast Digestive, Edwin was able to make significant, positive life changes that day. He went from drinking Mountain Dew and eating fast food to a healthier eating regimen consisting of organic foods and a Mediterranean-style diet.


edwin before after


Today, Edwin has lost 50 pounds, and has gone from an estimated 67 percent to 0-10 percent steatosis (fat) of the liver. He is no longer required to take diabetes medication and no longer needs his CPAP machine for sleep apnea. He is still able to enjoy eating out, but he maintains his diet and will ask restaurant staff things like what oil they use to cook their foods in. While Edwin continues his healthy lifestyle, he is grateful to his provider at Northeast Digestive for having an open and honest conversation with him. He is sure he wouldn’t be where he is today without it.


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